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About Forlime

Forlime is a service company with worldwide activities and specialised in lime technology.

Forlime was created in 1997 with the objective of providing manufacturers and users of lime with technical, scientific and commercial assistance in order to improve the production and quality of lime and to develop new applications.

Forlime is an independent company formed by three specialists with worldwide experience in the field of lime.

Philippe Dumont has worked for 33 years in the lime industry as manager of research and development and quality control. He has taken out several patents for the production and use of lime.

Jan Baeyens Professor at Faculty of Engineering of the University of Leuven and Antwerp. He has acquired vast experience in the field of lime and gas treatment and has published numerous articles on lime.

Albert Bolle Professor at the University of Liège in the Sector of Infrastructure and Geomecanics, specialised in the use of lime for construction (mortars, soil stabilisation, solid waste and sludge treatment…).


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