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Lime production

Geological studies, raw material assessment and quarry management.

Technical audit on the processes of crushing, grinding, calcination, slaking, pulverisation, transport, bagging (improvement of productivity, thermal efficiency and product quality).

Feasibility and profitability studies of small scale lime plants.

Setting up a proficient quality control department.

Optimalisation of lime quality to their uses.

Lime production with controlled compositions and characteristics.


- Lime with very high reactivity
- Lime with controlled reactivity
- Hydraulic lime- new process
- Pozzolanic lime – new process
- Air lime for mortars with a high plasticity and rapid carbonatation
- Compacted lime
- Granulated lime

Production of derived products with higher added-value.


- Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC)
- Ready-to-use mineral paints (modern whitewashes)
- Valorisation of lime kiln dust
- Decorative and coloured hydrated lime for plastering and rendering mortars (tadelakt)
- Milk of lime and lime putty
- Lime /plaster mixtures for rendering


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