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Lime marketing

Review of your lime market (marketing audit).

Elaboration of data and safety sheets.

With regard to your market, to competitive products, we can offer a complete study including laboratory tests with your lime on the following applications:

- Steelmaking (L.D., electric process)
- Non ferrous ores treatment (gold, silver, copper, nickel, cobalt) - Heap leaching /flotation
- Water treatment (drinking, waste, industrial)
- Sludge treatment (disposal)
- Disposal of solid wastes (prior to landfilling)
- Hydrocarbon residues treatment
- Disinfection of garbage (disposal)
- Stabilisation and consolidation of soils (short and long term effects)
- Hot mix asphalt treatment
- Hydraulic road binders
- Autoclaved aerated concrete and calcium silicate products
- Masonry mortars - Plastering and rendering mortars (lime/plaster)
- Valorisation of carbide lime


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