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Why should you contact Forlime and how can Forlime help you

Are you looking for new markets for your lime, would you like to diversify your production with new added value products?

Are you interested in a special lime use that you would like to develop?

Would you like to set up a small lime plant in your country and assess its technical viability and profitability?

Do you want to reduce production costs, implement an efficient quality control, produce a lime quality better adapted to your customers’ needs, new grades of lime?

Are you interested in the latest developments in the use of lime or to improve the general knowledge of your technical, commercial and scientific staff with respect to lime?

Do you think that an audit on the commercial management or technical aspects of your company would be useful?

With its experience, its contacts in the lime business and thanks to its constant awareness of scientific, technical and commercial publications on lime (research, patents, doctorates, seminars), FORLIME can provide you with know-how, advice and efficient assistance to solve your problems.


Forlime s.p.r.l | Consulting Company for the development of the lime industry

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